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The following are the rules that your guest post must adhere to for it to be published on homedocsmedical.com:

Experts who can write articles on a variety of subjects related to home improvement are encouraged to submit their applications. Some of the topics that experts are encouraged to write about include home improvement ideas, house renovation, home décor, security systems, and kitchen remodeling.

Article Guidelines

You give us permission to use all of the content included on your website, including your photographs, when you give us permission to publish your article on homedocsmedical.com and submit it for publication. We are granted permission to make use of any of the information and photos that are shown on our website and throughout the many social media channels that we maintain.

For your contributions to be considered for inclusion on our website, you are expected to comply with the following guidelines:

  • The article has to be at least 500 words long to be considered complete.
  • There must not be any instances of plagiarism, and it must be original.
  • If there is not a link back to the original content that was published on our website, there is a chance that the post will never be published anywhere else in the future.
  • The subject of your guest article must be something pertinent to the industry, such as home improvement, home decor, homemaker projects, interior design, renovation ideas, kitchen remodeling, building techniques, security systems, or any other relevant topic.
  • The text needs to be written in English, and there may be no typos or other errors in the grammar anywhere in it. Changes will be made, depending on whether or not they are necessary.
  • The only area where you are permitted to include a link to your website for viewers to follow is in the author bio; this connection is necessary. It is allowed for us to incorporate any texts or links that we think are pertinent to the article in any form that we think is suitable.
  • There should be a sufficient number of images that do not require permission to use in this article. Images may be found on a variety of websites, one of which is www.pixabay.com. There are other images accessible on other websites.
  • If you want your content to have a chance of being noticed, you need to make sure it contains a lot of relevant keywords. However, you should avoid engaging in keyword stuffing. Focus more on value
  • It is against the rules to link to any websites that are regarded as unlawful or that include content judged appropriate for adults.
  • To prevent having your contribution rejected, please make sure that you follow these standards for the article.

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