Your bridal suite is similar to a war room before to the NFL draught. Aside from the fact that you’re ready to commit to just one candidate (hopefully). Regardless, the metaphor is valid.

You want everything you need to be prepared in one location so you can focus on the work at hand. You spend time planning ahead of time and making sure you’re ready when the big day arrives. A well-thought-out strategy will go a long way toward reducing wedding day stress, so take the time now to prepare your bridal suite – you’ll thank yourself later.

1.A Lovely Group of Bridesmaids
This one is not available at Target. A trusted group of bridesmaids, on the other hand, will go a long way. Maybe you get comfortable in and realise you forgot your bobby pins or wedding jewellery. It will be lot simpler to be in the present if you have a competent team around you who can manage all the additional tasks. You’ve got a good team around you if you’d trust them with your unique oval engagement ring as you prepare.

This is a fancy term for someone who isn’t in your bridal suite but can communicate between the venue and the bride – also known as a Lady in Waiting. Could you just simply text? Possibly, but you need to concentrate. If you don’t have a wedding planner, assign this task to someone other than the bridal party.

3.A Reliable Mirror
If feasible, large and floor-length. You’ll need a full-length mirror to view everything from every aspect as you prepare. This goes hand in hand with good lighting. You may have a mirror that takes up the whole wall, but it will be sub-optimal if there is no illumination to allow it to perform its magic.

4.Snacks and beverages
It’s up to you what you drink, but try to include some water here and there. Snacks should be light and uncomplicated, and should not produce a mess. Family-sized Cool Ranch Doritos may have to be left on the shelf for the day (or at least until after the ceremony). Let’s put it off if it can discolour anything.

5.Hygiene Items
You want to be ready for everything, so have a complete hygiene kit (even if it’s just a travel-sized one) on hand and ready to go.

It may seem that every shot of a bridal suite ever taken is of ladies in robes, but this is for good cause. You want to put on your dress as late as possible to reduce the possibility of even minor damage.

7.Ironing Board
You should have one of these, sometimes known as a steamer, in your room. You don’t want to use an iron because it will be too harsh, and you don’t want sharp lines here. A little steam will remove the creases, and you’ll be ready to go.

To go with your steam iron, you want hangers for your dress (and everyone else’s, of course) too. Ideally, you don’t want to have to use the steam iron on your dress if you have time to allow any creases fall out naturally. Small Command hooks are also useful for organising and storing toiletry kits strung up and easily accessible.

You’ll have lots of them waiting for you at the venue (bad dum tss), but you should have at least one modest one in your bridal room. Adrenaline levels are likely to be high here, so do all you can to keep your body temperature under control.

Of course, the thermostat is your buddy, but tiny portable fans may be placed directly at you for optimal cooling. You can have a battery or USB pocket fan on hand at all times if you like (though you might want to leave it behind at the altar).

10.Emergency Supply Kit
Your emergency pack attempts to anticipate all of the little issues that might arise. It will most likely contain a little sewing kit, additional buttons, laces, and so forth. This is also a nice spot to store any additional toiletries that didn’t fit in your hygiene pack.

11.Comfortable Shoes
Flats or flip-flops work nicely here, but if you have a favourite pair of Converse or Keds, go ahead and wear them. You want something that allows you to move freely so that you may save your heels or other formal wear until the last minute, along with your dress.

You don’t have to go full 80’s montage here (though we won’t stop you), but having some music you like playing in the background can help lift your spirits and keep your anxiety in control.

  1. Chords and Chargers
    Last but not least, ensure that you have addressed all of your pricing requirements. You want to start the day with a fully charged phone, but if the bachelorette party was late and a little rowdy, and you forgot to plug in your phone, you’re still covered. A power bank is also useful, particularly if you want to capture a lot of images and movies.