Luxury lighting, especially if it is the chandeliers, add uniqueness with a lavish atmosphere to your home. Crystal Chandelier enhances the beauty of your hallway, entryway, or foyer besides just lighting the area up. They are available in different designs, sizes, styles, and materials. Some of the popular styles are caged chandeliers, classic chandeliers, bowl chandeliers, and more.

You need to consider what type of lighting, color, and structure fits well with your home decor before you buy a chandelier. You can opt for a chandelier that is best suitable for your hallway space as well as brightens it. You can avoid a wrong buy only when you have a good idea about different types of hallway chandeliers.

 Hallway Chandeliers

· Little square hallway crystal chandelier

· Mini modern square flush mount ceiling light

· Modern crystal raindrop ceiling lighting

· Modern round flush mount crystal chandelier

· Modern oval raindrop crystal chandelier

If you are confident about buying one online, then you need to look for a good company that offers crystal chandeliers. Sofary is one of the best companies in Seattle, Washington. They bring this product from manufacturers to customers directly at a fair cost online. Also, they maintain standards like quality, transparency, and accountability for the customers. They give free shipping and $25 off on a subscription.

Hallway Chandelier Ideas

1. Wow Factor – Black metallic chrome with glass lamps will be a perfect design for your entryway.

2. Make A Statement – You can create a statement for your hallway with multiple tiers of modern lights.

3. A Modern Feel – If your hallway space is small, then go for a sleek and striking design. 

4. Turn on the charm – A chandelier with glass globes, Edison-style bulbs best suit your foyer with the middle-century décor. 

5. A warm reception – An industrial caged chandelier fits any farmhouse hallway.

6. Making a statement – A candelabra chandelier will be a perfect match for your contemporary hallway design.

7. Industrial Flare – An industrial chandelier with several lamps provides enough lights for your entry.

8. Style and comfort – For a stylish and comfortable ambiance to your hallway, a caged chandelier is the best choice.

9. Bright and Light – If your entryway is spacious a modern chandelier is a perfect choice.

10. Modern Industrial – A dramatic cluster chandelier is an ideal choice for your safety in an entryway.

11. Grand style – A classic beaded chandelier ensures a grand and different look.

12. High Strung – A domed entryway can be easily lit well with a cluster chandelier.

13. Modern Accents – A small hallway with wall decors and arts looks great with modern chrome accents.

Terms like function and beauty are best suitable for entryway chandeliers. You can choose the one that reflects your personality and home décor. Have a look at the vast collection of hallway chandeliers on the Sofary website, and create a focal point in your home, which makes your neighbors and guests envy you.